Stuffed Paneer Mirch

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Stuffed Paneer Mirch

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Stuffed Paneer Mirch

Often the mind is accustomed to certain spicy foods. In this case, instead of eating out, you can try a chilli recipe at home. This recipe will be especially popular with those who like spicy or spicy food-
5 green chillies

ingredient of Stuffed Paneer Mirch

20 grams of cottage cheese
10 grams of Jalpino
10 grams of parsley
10 grams of White Chili Powder
Bread crumbs as needed
Water as needed
20 grams of Cheddar Cheese
10 grams Capsicum (Green Chilli)
10 grams Chili Whole
10 grams of black
30 grams of flour (gram flour)
Toss oil

Method! Of Stuffed Paneer Mirch

To prepare this delicious recipe, wash the chilli and capsicum with water, then release the green chillies from the center, length and capsicum. Take a deep frying pan and boil water in it while keeping the heat medium. Now soak the chillies in this opening water for 1 minute. Take them out a minute later and wash them with cold water.

Take a large bowl and grind the cheese and cheese into it. If you do not have cheese, you can only use cheese
Add the capicum of cheese, jalpano and chili flakes and white pepper, black pepper and parsley to this mixture. Dip the chili in this mixture and set aside.
Take a bowl and mix a gram of flour into it. Make the mixture so that when the dough is ground, it sticks to the coating. Now place the bread flour in a separate bowl and set aside

Take a pan and heat it over medium heat. Now heat the oil to fry it. Meanwhile, take the whole pepper and dip it in the batter and then the bread crumbs. When the oil is hot enough, carefully add the chillies to the pan and sprinkle until golden brown.
When well fried, remove from the plate. Place the tissue paper on this plate in front of it to hold the extra oil. Now serve hot with green and red chutney.

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