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spice queen

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spice queen

Prepare your own vegetable spices at home, after seeing the taste of food, people will start saying spice queen

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If the cans of powdered spices are rapidly emptying in your house, why don’t you become a spice queen yourself? How to prepare spices powder at home, Master Cook style

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Vegetable Masal

1- To make vegetable masala at home, one teaspoon cumin, one teaspoon coriander, one teaspoon turmeric powder, seven-eight whole red chillies, half teaspoon pepper, eight cloves, half teaspoon yellow mustard, eight green cardamom, two teaspoon fenugreek seeds , Collect two teaspoons of gram dal, one teaspoon fennel, four pieces cinnamon, one circle flower, half teaspoon nutmeg powder and one teaspoon poppy seed in one place. Heat all the spices and fry them dry. When the spices have cooled down, put them in a grinder with turmeric and nutmeg powder and grind them finely. Store in airtight compartment after cooling. Use as needed.

garam masala

2-To prepare garam masala powder, half cup coriander, half cup cumin, two nutmeg, one cup mace, one third cup cloves, eight cinnamon, half cup large cardamom, one third cup black pepper, three fourth cup green cardamom and 20 Dry roast the bay leaves. Fry the spices on low heat so that they do not change color. Turn off the gas and let the spices cool down and grind coarsely. Store in airtight container and use for three months.

Raita Masala

3-In the summer season Raita becomes a part of our menu. To increase the taste of raita, make raita masala at home. You can also sprinkle it on yogurt. To make this spice, you need one teaspoon black salt, one teaspoon fennel, 15 black pepper, half teaspoon asafoetida and one teaspoon cumin seeds. Now fry cumin seeds, fennel seeds and asafetida in a pan on medium heat. Turn off the gas when the fennel turns brown. After cooling, grind them in a grinder along with black pepper. Add black salt and mix and store in air tight container.

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