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Healthy paneer

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Healthy Paneer

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healthy paneer

We all know how important milk is to our body. But often people avoid drinking milk and look for an alternative to milk. People who do not drink milk can eat cheese because cheese contains calcium, fat, carbohydrates and energy along with protein. Cheese or cottage cheese is best not only in taste but also in health. Doctors say that eating 100 grams of cottage cheese every day benefits your body immensely.

But the cottage in the market is better than making cheese at home. People take cow’s or buffalo’s milk in their homes and from this you can make good cheese, but the question is, is cow’s milk cheese better or buffalo’s milk cheese? So let us tell you today which milk cheese is beneficial for your health.

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matar paneer

Paneer or paneer vegetable is considered the pride of the kitchen. It is not only tasty but also healthy. Cheese is a great source of protein and also contains fat, carbohydrates and energy.

Doctors say that eating 100 grams of cottage cheese a day helps to reduce calcium deficiency in your body and makes your bones and teeth strong. Its intake also strengthens the muscles.

But the big question is, which one of the cottage cheese or buffalo milk is more good and beneficial? Let us tell that the cheese of both brings different benefits in our body.

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Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese from cow’s milk is the best source of protein that you can eat to stay fit. This will strengthen your muscles and will also help in reducing obesity.

Buffalo milk is thick and contains more cream. Therefore buffalo milk is considered to be the best for making cheese because it contains more nutrition. Cheese is made more than buffalo milk.

To make paneer at home, first of all you have to take full fat milk of cow or buffalo. Lemon, vinegar or alum can be used for souring.

After this, keep the milk on medium heat and let it come to a boil. As soon as the milk starts boiling, turn off the flame and add lemon juice immediately.

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paneer masala

As soon as you add sour milk to it, it will start to burst. When all the milk burst, the chenna starts floating on top and the water gets separated at the bottom, meaning your cheese is ready.

Now remove it from the gas and drain it in a sieve and place a pot below. Sieve and separate the water by filtering it.

Now press it into a cloth and keep it to set. Placing some weighty items on top of the cheese, such as a heavy bowl or a full container, quickly removes extra water from the cheese. Market-like paneer is prepared in 30 minutes.

Remember, do not throw away the water that is left after the milk is spilled. This water also has many properties, so use it when making bread dough. Or add it instead of water in lentils, soups, curry vegetables.

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