Cream Mayonnaise

Cream Mayonnaise Recipe

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Cream Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is used in salads, on bread, sandwich, burger or as a dip. Eggless mayonnaise can be made easily at home. It is made using several different methods. We will make mayonnaise in 2 ways here.

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Cream Mayonnaise

Eggless Mayonnaise – How to make Homemade Cream Mayonnaise Recipe In English

Mayonnaise from Cream – Cream Mayonnaise Recipe

necessary ingredients

Cream – 1 cup (200 grams)

Oil – 4 cups (50 grams)

Vinegar – 2 teaspoons

Black pepper – 4 tsp (coarsely ground)

Mustard Powder – ½ tsp

Salt – ½ tsp

Sugar powder – 1 tsp

Method of Cream Mayonnaise

To make cream mayonnaise, take very cold cream, put the cream in the mixer jar, add oil, sugar powder, salt, mustard powder and black pepper and stir all the things in the mixer for a while. Open the jar and now add vinegar to the mixture and stir it once more.
Cream mayonnaise is ready.


You can use any type of vinegar, and you can also use lemon juice instead.

Vinegar enhances the taste of mayonnaise and also increases its shelf life.

It is better to make mayonnaise with a handblinder as it keeps showing us how thick it has become, and it does not have to be burnt after it is thick.

While making mayonnaise in the mixer jar, check it for a while to see if it is ready or not, as soon as the mayonnaise becomes thick, turn off the fat.

For mayonnaise, cream, milk and oil have to be cooled down completely. If they are cold, mayonnaise will be ready. But if it is not cold then the mayonnaise will become thin.

If the mayonnaise is becoming thin, then you keep it in the freezer with jar for ½ hour, after that, prepare it by running it in the mixer, it will definitely be ready after thick mayonnaise.

If the cream is too cold and it gets too much whipping, then the milk and butter starts separating, so it stops for a while then stop for 5-10 minutes, let the temperature rise a little, then take a little whipping, very good mayonnaise Will be ready.

Time – 10 minutes

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